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Phmer has turned the skraws against me!If the skraws and the farmers are involved, the lords will have to take notice.But we'll be sure before it's over.I'll find everything in that little mind of yours.That meant trouble not only for the skraws, but for Fhena.
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The first man probably never knew he was there before Glim's claws sheared through his neck.The second had only time for a short shriek.The third — the man doing most of the talking — he was quick.He managed to get his spear up fast enough to cut a gash along Glim's belly before Glim grabbed the shaft and slammed his thorny crest into the man's face, the man then gurgling and drifting toward the bottom.Glim spun in time to avoid another spear, this one wielded by a red-skinned woman with horns.
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They were all so clumsy, so slow.He dodged the tip and disemboweled her.A merish-looking woman was thrashing about with the injector in her back, and Cilinil appeared from somewhere and wrapped her long legs and arms around another, while Wert drove one of the spears through that one's neck.Glim felt a humming in his veins he'd never known, a terrible, black joy that made it hard to think.The fellow he had butted was coming back.
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Glim swam down, caught him by the hair, and pulled him up to eye level.Have you no idea what you've done?Now let me go.The muscles clenched uncontrollably and his fingers lost their grip.Toel came toward him, snarling, and his remaining companion was coming from the side, quickly.
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